Traffic Summonses

The following are some helpful hints to assist you in navigating through the court system:

  1. All payable traffic summonses must be paid by the date on the front of the summons.
  2. If the "Court Appearance Required" box is checked, the defendant must appear in court.
  3. If a defendant wishes to enter a "not guilty" plea, the Court must be notified within seven (7) days of the court date.
  4. If a traffic summons is being paid and the amount of the fine is not on the summons, call the Court for the correct fine amount.
  5. If paying by mail and a receipt is required, a stamped, self-addressed envelope must accompany the payment.
  6. If you intend to pay at the Court, the window hours are 9:00am until 4:30pm.
  7. Traffic summonses can be paid online on New Jersey Courts' NJMCdirect website.