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The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over traffic violations, parking violations, criminal disorderly persons offenses, petty disorderly offenses and the Borough of Longport Ordinances. The Judge of the Municipal Court also has the authority to issue domestic violence temporary restraining orders, authorize warrants for arrest, revoke driving privileges in the State of New Jersey, order probation, Community Service and Jail Sentences as stipulated by statute.

Although the judicial staff of the Municipal Court are employees of the Borough of Longport, they are governed by the rules of the Court as set down by the State of New Jersey Supreme Court. The Municipal Court is directly supervised by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). The function of the Court personnel is to assist the Judge in the adjudication of cases that are brought before the Court. This assistance is limited to the scheduling of court appearances, mediation hearings, taking of fines/penalties/assessments, and the disbursement of the monies collected to the appropriate agencies:

The Municipal Court is staffed by the following personnel:

  • Judge of the Municipal Court;
  • Court Administrator;
  • Deputy Court Administrator;
  • Prosecutor;
  • Public Defender.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
John Rosenberger Judge of the Municipal Court