Firearms & Identification Unit

About Us

The Firearms Training Unit provides training for weapons handling and skills necessary for the safe and proficient use of firearms. It also provides scenario-based training for critical decision making.

Firearms training begins when a recruit is hired with a familiarization class and range time leading to a qualification course during the recruit’s time at the police academy. Quarterly scenario-based training continues for all sworn employees for the remainder of their career to maintain proficiency. Firearm qualification courses are conducted biannually and in accordance with the requirements set forth by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General. Those qualification courses include both a daylight and low light (night) course of fire with department issued handgun. Additionally, Longport officers are trained and qualified by the firearms unit to carry the Police Service Rifles, which are a variant of the M-4 rifle. That training is conducted four times year. Two of those training sessions are qualification courses.

The Firearms Unit is also responsible for conducting Simunitions Training or Force on Force Training. The Simunitions line of equipment allows the unit to train all officers on the proper use of force using weapons that are identical to those carried on duty, but they have been converted to fire a less lethal paint projectile or marking cartridge.

Firearms ID Card & Handgun Purchase Permits

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Nicholas Rettino Unit Supervisor (609) 822-2141
Gabriel Guerrieri Firearms/Identification Officer (609) 822-2141